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Adolescent Treatment

Severe Crowding Treatment: Braces
This teenager had severely crowded teeth and was embarrassed to smile in public. Within a very short time, her teeth were straight and her smile was amazing!

This same teenager experienced significant improvement in her ability chew and function. Her jaw line improved so much that even her oral hygiene was easier to keep up. All this change happened in less that 16 months.

Underbite Treatment: Expander with Facemask and Braces
This teenager had an underbite and would have needed jaw surgery but with commitment, she wore the face mask which corrected the underbite and fixed her bony problems and gave her gorgeous facial aesthetics and upper lip support.

Overbite Treatment: Herbst Appliance & Braces
This 10 1/2 year old grew out of his “overbite” in a way genetics never could have managed thanks to the herbst appliance. The change occurs during a major growth spurt and the patient usually has braces on the front teeth while using this appliance. After twelve months, the appliance is removed and braces therapy continues for another year to perfect the smile and bite.

Bite Problem Treatment: Pendex & Braces, 2 years
This patients top and bottom teeth were completely mismatched. Within 5 months, his top back molars moved so much that they finally came together with their lower partner teeth giving him a much improved bite relationship.

Underbite Treatment: Braces, 18 months
An underbite can cause chipping of the front teeth, biting of the lips, speech problems and poor facial aesthetics. LITERALLY within 6 months of treatment using braces alone this 12 year old looked amazing!

Severe Crowding Treatment: Expander & Braces, 24 months
This teenager was referred for jaw surgery and he was treated WITHOUT SURGERY OR EXTRACTIONS. Using braces and an expander, in less than 2 years, his underbite is eliminated, his severe crossing has now turned into a perfectly straight smile and bite. What a relief to the patient.

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