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Foods to Avoid

Unfortunately, some foods are harmful to your braces and can cause damage to, or even break your braces. These problems can cause delay in treatment and prevent you from getting your braces off in the estimated time we have given you.

Read the following list carefully and remember to avoid these foods:

  • THE PIZZA CRUST is the best part and the place where bent wires start!
  • HARD ROLLS, PRETZELS, BAGELS & BONES knock off brackets & wires, so leave them alone!
  • DORITOS, TACOS and all the rest will form a hard ball...make your braces a mess!
  • POPCORN & MOVIES are fun for all, but the pain they cause is no fun at all!
  • NUTS are always very good too, but we’ll have to say, no nuts for you!
  • SLIM JIMS are fun to eat, but for breaking your braces, they’re hard to beat!
  • RIBS & MEATS that are on the bone are the kind of foods you should leave alone!
  • RAW CARROTS and rabbits go together well, but the damage they cause is easy to tell!
  • HARD CANDY is always a sweet delight, but will damage your braces if you ever bite!
  • CARAMEL, CANDY, JU-JU BEANS & GUM are a gooey mess! They pull off your brackets and feed you bacteria, so my friend, don’t let them get near ya!
  • ICE is nice in the heat we all know, but they destroy your braces, a thousand times no!


Click here to download a printable pdf version of this form.

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