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SureSmile® orthodontic technology, allows us to customize your treatment in a way that will shift your teeth to their correct position more precisely than ever before. With a SureSmile treatment plan, you’ll gain a beautiful, healthy smile while spending less time in braces when compared to conventional orthodontic treatments

  • SureSmile creates a 3-D imaging model of your teeth using advanced computerized technology which scans your teeth. This 3-D image is captured by the OraScanner® or a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). 
  •  With the 3-D model, we can now see how your teeth fit together from any angle. SureSmile’s software virtual simulation tools allows us to determine the final position of your teeth and determine the most effective plan for your unique treatment needs.    
  • Once we define your treatment plan, the SureSmile software directs a robotic machine to bend a shape-memory alloy arch-wire according to your customized prescription. This wire delivers the gentle forces needed to shift your teeth to their desired position.

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NOW Introducing Accelerated Orthodontics™


  • AcceleDent™ technology works in conjunction with Invisalign™ to drastically reduce your treatment time, while still maintaining the amazing results traditional orthodontics would provide. The lightweight, easy to use appliance is worn for just 20 minutes per day. Now you can get the smile you have always wanted in just a fraction of the time. AcceleDent™ is clinically proven to move teeth 50% faster than with Invisalign alone™.

iTero™ Digital Impression System

Conventional vs Digital Impressions


  • Do you hate messy impressions? The goopy, gagging, uncomfortable mess… With the new iTero™ scanner, our office can now take a digital impression of your teeth! This cutting-edge technology eliminates the old putty and tray impressions, which were quite unpleasant and often unreliable. The iTero™ scanner is much more accurate which improves overall treatment and patient satisfaction. Digital impressions also improve communication and treatment expectations during the initial consultation, and throughout your treatment process.

How Does it Work?

  • The iTero™ scanner takes high quality digital images of your teeth using optical technology in a compact wand.  The hand-held device produces no radiation and utilizes a digital software to create and store the 3D impression. The process is incredibly easy, and can be adjusted for patient comfort, unlike traditional putty and tray impressions.



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