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Adult Testimonials


I want to take this opportunity to deeply recommend Innovative Orthodontic Centers I never do this, but I had to. Every time Mia has something done with her braces or appliance, they call me to check on her and her well-being. They tell me how she did in her appt...They have a reward program where she gets points for doing her appointments and braving out all the discomfort she has to endure and she loves that. Everything is so well organized and streamlined. Almost scary how wonderful and on top of things these guys are. They are taking care of my baby's smile and that is a big responsibility! I'm thankful for all that they do! 

-Karl K.

As an adult patient of Dr Ibrahim’s I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to undergo treatment. Despite having braces as a child, my lower teeth had become very crowded and I had problems chewing on one side. I’d thought about getting braces for about 15 years but moved and traveled too much to commit somewhere. Other orthodontists had not been able to perform the treatment I was looking for in a tolerable amount of time, but after researching Dr Ibrahim I wondered if she might be the one to help. I’d hoped that maybe invisilign would work for me, but my choice was the ceramics which worked out really well and they looked good too! Reflecting back on the consultation, I would say that Dr Ibrahim knew instantly how to help me and what was then outlined in my plan, was in fact true to my experience. I was surprised when she said I could be finished in half the time others had suggested, this was exactly what I wanted to hear, so I wondered if it could be true! Once the braces were on, at times I did become self-conscious but figured at least this way I was making steps to change my situation. I also did have moments of wondering if this was the best decision for me. I wondered if it would be worth the hassle, would it really change the way I looked and would it improve the health of my teeth. The answer is a resounding yes to all.  I was finished in the timeframe I had hoped for and I’m so proud of my new smile. It’s just unbelievable when I look at the before and after shots.

It’s been a year since I had my braces removed and I’ve just been for my final check up. I feel that I received the most effective treatment possible and when at times I had concerns the staff and Dr Ibrahim did all they could to help and ease my worries. I followed up my braces treatment with Vivera retainers, which I love and have kept things in place beautifully. They are so comfortable and not at all bulky. They are also easy to clean and look great! Thank you again Dr I and team!

 -Kat G.


My time at Innovative Orthodontics has been an amazing experience! Aside from being incredibly kind, and truly caring individuals, Dr. Ibrahim and her staff, were able to accomplish something, without surgery, that two reputable orthognastic surgeons and various orthodontists, previously considered impossible.

My jaw alignment created problems so severe that my eating habits were impacted due to the extreme space between my upper and lower bite. In addition, I have always experienced painful symptoms such as headaches, cracking, and pressure when biting.

 The initial consultation at Innovative Orthodontics was at no cost, and I appreciated the earnest concern Dr. Ibrahim showed in my examination. She was confident she could improve my situation without the need for major surgery, and I felt she genuinely cared. She was unassuming, but obviously highly skilled. She enthusiastically went through the process in detail, giving me a great deal of confidence.

With the payment plans offered, the process was affordable. Even with the incorporation of TADS (Temporary Anchorage Devices) in my plan, which were needed for my jaw, the rates seemed very reasonable. Having one monthly payment for the entire process was helpful, and I've never worried about hidden costs. Additionally, Dr. LaVacca, with Naperville Dental Specialists, who installed my TADS, was always very kind, and conveniently right next door, working closely with Dr. Ibrahim.

My progress has been stunning, with extreme changes in my jaw and bite. The drastic difference has vastly improved my quality of life, and aside from the exceptional work they do, I can honestly say these are just good people who seem to genuinely care. I am very grateful to everyone there for making my experience such an amazing one.  Thank you,



I typically avoid writing testimonials unless I feel a product or service genuinely deserves a high degree of recognition or demerit.  My experience here was extraordinary; without hesitation I would give this place 10 out of 5 stars if that was possible, and I continue to recommend it to anyone who is even considering orthodontic treatment.  It has been almost four years since I've had my braces removed and I still can't keep my mouth shut - not only about how exceptionally awesome this place is, but also to show off my new smile!

Prior to visiting Innovative Orthodontic Centers, I had previously been assessed by two other orthodontists - both of whom referred me to an oral surgeon for pre-orthodontic reconstructive jaw surgery and molar extraction to correct what I understood to be a pretty serious under-bite. Just as I was about to start college, I received a consultation from Dr. I who confidently assured me that she could correct my bite while giving me an absolutely beautiful smile, all without the need for reconstructive jaw surgery. At that time, I was admittedly reluctant, but I soon learned first-hand that Innovative Orthodontic Centers stands by their name; the truly innovative treatment they provided me with was almost miraculous. Not only did Dr. I exceed my expectations, but she exceeded her own; her estimated treatment time was about three years, and she had me in and out of braces with a new, confident, and radiant smile in less than two and a half, just in time for a very special destination wedding.

I had the privilege of being conveniently located near all three of their offices in relation to my home, employer, and school. Whichever office I needed to visit, it was always bursting with positive energy; they were vibrant, clean, and very accommodating to my schedule. Aside from the unbelievable aesthetic transformation I received here, what I loved most about this place was the personability from the Dr. I and her staff. Dr. I treated me like I was her own son and I felt like part of a big happy family every time I walked in.

Prior to treatment, I was ashamed of my smile - always taking extra care to hide my teeth, but my experience here has changed all of that for the better. I am now constantly receiving compliments on how nice my teeth are and when I show friends and family the before and after photos, they still can’t believe the change. It would be an understatement to say that receiving treatment from Dr. I and her staff was the best decision I have ever made for enhancing my smile and my overall self-esteem; Dr. I and the awesome staff members at Innovative Orthodontic Centers truly deserve the highest respect in every aspect of orthodontic care. As the adage goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I’d encourage anyone who is currently receiving or considering treatment from Dr. I to take look at my before and after photos to see the true artistry that just can’t be visualized from words.

 - Will K.


I would like to thank Dr. I and her staff for the outstanding job you do and for the wonderful treatment that I received.  I would also like to thank the girls at the front desk for being so friendly and courteous.  Dr. I, I cannot THANK YOU enough for my beautiful smile.  I will never forget my daughter's words when she saw me smile without my braces.  She had tears in her eyes and said mom you're smiling and you look so beautiful, it just made me cry. 

God Bless You Dr. I, continue to help people have a great smile.


Hilda A.


Dear Dr. Ibrahim & staff,

Thank you so much for all of the outstanding care and orthodontic services! I was a bit nervous about getting braces, being 39 years old. You completely made any apprehension about braces go away and made my feel good about the decision I was making. You provided me with excellent care from day one and I always look forward to coming in for my appointments. And what can I say about your wonderful staff; they are all so friendly, helpful and are always providing me with the best care and necessary information.

I wish all of my dentists, doctors, and health care providers gave me as much care and attention to me as you guys do. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions, which is extraordinary in this day and age. I thank all of you for everything you have done for me. You provide A+ services, and your staff deserves much kudos. I look forward to a long term relationship with you guys. I have already got my wife in, but I would DEFINITELY recommend you to anyone who needs orthodontics and above average care, in a warm and friendly environment.

Lastly, thanks to Susie for helping make the whole financial aspect of treatment a breeze. You guys rock...y..keep up the good work!

Many thanks,

Kyle K.

I’ve wanted braces since 1999. Dr. Ibrahim is my ortho. She’s a wonderful dentist. I love the fact that she’s a woman and she’s always professional. I’m a petite female and my facial structure is petite too. The best part is that I’m extremely close to the dentist, so I’m not traveling say to Lombard or further for treatment. I’m so happy to have started my treatment. I’m half way through and I’m very pleased with my progress.

Barbara K.

P.S. Should have done it sooner.

Dr. Ibrahim became my orthodontist eight months after my treatment began. She assessed my current treatment and instantly modified it to meet the goals of why I initially sought treatment. I was instantly pleased after the 1 st month. Dr. Ibrahim is very knowledgeable in her field and does an excellent job explaining why certain treatments are needed verses others. I feel her compassion for her work and would highly recommend others to seek orthodontic treatment under her care. She is a great orthodontist. I can smile easily now.

Candace T.

Having three children in ortho at the same time has been an expensive adventure, but worth every penny when I look at the wonderful results and beautiful smiles on my children’s face.

Chris P.

As a thirty eight year old man walks into Dr. Ibrahim’s office, he feels nervous and embarrassed. Within two minutes, I felt totally comfortable and had more confidence than ever before. The staff here is absolutely incredible. Every visit was a life changing experience. I had to attend a wedding three weeks after getting my braces on. I don’t think I have been in pain from smiling before. I was so proud of what I finally decided to do with my life. Dr. Ibrahim and her staff have made such an incredible change in the way I look and the way I feel about life. I would recommend them to any adult who never got to experience what most teenagers are supposed to.

A completely satisfied adult!

Scott C.

My treatment from Dr. Ibrahim has been highly effective. The results have been dramatic and delightful. Her assistants are helpful and understanding, and all do a fine job to make sure I am comfortable during treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Ibrahim if you need braces!

Elizabeth B.

Dr. Ibrahim has been an exceptional person to me during my treatment. When I originally was thinking of getting braces, I thought that because I was older (in my fifty’s), that it was an uncommon thing to do. When I spoke to her about my concerns, she quickly put my mind at ease. Not only has she and her team made me feel comfortable, but they are a wonderful group of people who really care and are concerned about you and that changes that patients experience. She is a great person who is extremely professional and dedicated to her patients and the success of their treatment plans. I would highly recommend her to others who are thinking of getting braces. I really appreciate all that she has done for me to build my self confidence and help me smile.

Thank you,

Jan V.

Dr. Ibrahim exuded confidence as she looked at my teeth and came up with a plan to make them look better. So far, she has backed up that confidence with results. My teeth already look a ton better! Dr. Ibrahim and her team are fun, friendly and competent. I have no complaints.

Jeff D.

Now I can smile again. My whole attitude changed. I can look at people in the eye when I talk to them. I’m a very happy and confident person thanks to Dr. Ibrahim, she’s truly amazing.

Lorna L.

I have been receiving orthodontic treatment for the past three months from Dr. Ibrahim and the staff at her office. I must say it has been a truly great experience. I feel right at home at every visit due to the friendly staff and comfortable environment! I don’t regret my decision to receive orthodontic treatment from this office in the least bit! They work miracles with my mouth while making me smile!

Michael G.

I came to Dr. Ibrahim knowing very little about the procedures that I needed. She and her assistants sat down with me and not only explained everything, but also put my mind at ease. They continued to be very professional and courteous, and never seem too busy to answer my many questions and concerns.

Peter C.

Both my daughter and I have sought treatment with Dr. Ibrahim. I can't begin to describe how pleased I am with the service and care I've received. The staff is always courteous and conducts themselves with great professionalism. Dr. Ibrahim is an amazing orthodontist who takes pride in her work and genuinely cares about her patients and enhances their smiles. I highly recommend Dr. Ibrahim and the staff at Innovative Orthodontic Centers if you're looking to receive exceptional service and a winning smile!!

A truely grateful patient,

Sherry M.

Innovative Orthodontics has changed my mouth and life. My teeth were so bad that I didn't like to smile. I would see commercials on T.V. and I would clench my teeth and close my mouth so no one could see how bad my teeth were. Now after only three months I am so happy with the change that I smile all the time. I feel so much better and everyone notices the change; not only in my smile but in me as well.

Thank you Innovative Orthodontics,

Johnathan V.

Dr. Ibrahim has been treating me for almost three years. Throughout my treatment she has been very supportive and patient with the complexity of my dental work. With her guidance and motivation I was able to make a decision and go through a surgery to correct my over bite. The dedication and professionalism she has in her work is inspiring, which makes people feel and look good. I personally feel she has helped me regain the confidence that I didn't have prior to starting my treatment. I'm very proud of the results at this point and I'm truly thankful for the work Dr. Ibrahim has accomplished! I seriously recommend Dr. Ibrahim to anyone who's searching for an orthodontist.

Thanks again Dr. Ibrahim! :)

Monica M.

Hi Dr. Ibrahim,

I had the intentions of emailing a LONG time again, but college happened. My sister was driving and heard your new office advertised over the radio. Congratulations on your opening and future successes! I wanted to thank you in person for everything you have done for me. I'm sure that I would get teary eyed just thinking of the final results. This email does not do my intended gratitude justice.

I recommend you to my friends and younger relatives. I am utterly amazed by your abilities as an orthodontist. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and making me feel so comfortable.

Thank you again for everything. I would have been miserable for the rest of my life had it not been for you.


Teagan D.



I have to admit how much I enjoy going to Dr.Ibrahim’s office, and that because of many reasons, of course my smile can’t be better than now, very happy with my results, Dr.Ibrahim took the time with me, my case was not an easy one, but she is very patient with her patients. I like the atmosphere too, the staff is so friendly, love them all, I’m in the last year of my treatment, and I'm going to miss each person who helped me to have my smile back!
Dina A.


The BEST group of employees I have never felt so welcome at a dentist office/ orthodontic office they take all types of insurance just call and are very family friendly and very reasonable with you!  I will NEVER go anywhere else ever again and to top it off they are in a fabulous area....

Priscilla P.


We love Dr. I and her staff so much we even switched our dental to her husbands practice. Dr. I is always so upbeat and she truly cares about her patients.

Vincent R.


Innovative Orthodontics centers has been great to me. The staff are always friendly. I have been sick for the last two years and everyone has been very nice and helpful and understanding to my illness. I am doing better now and am grateful for that and for all the support from the staff.

 Adam C.



Both of my boys and myself are currently in treatment. The boys are in traditional braces and they never complain about "having to go to the ortho". Dr. I and her staff are so much fun and the boys enjoy going. I have the Invisalign treatment and within less than 6 months, the transformation in my smile is amazing. I am finally at a place in my life where I can have the smile I have always wanted. I can't say enough about the staff here at Innovative. Top notch facility and staff. I have recommended several friends to come here and they have all started treatments.

Sheri S.


I have had a great experience with Innovative Orthodontic Centers. I was referred by Naperville Dental Specialists because I had questioned them about the invisalign process.  Once I set up my initial appointment and decided to move forward, the process has been quick, smooth, and easy. I love the results I have seen thus far and look forward to the finished product!

Lauren L.

I have been a patient at the Shorewood office for almost a year, and I absolutely love this office. The staff is incredibly friendly and professional. I never have to wait. Several times I have had to bring my little ones with me and the staff has been more than accommodating, showering them with new Innovative Orthodontic tshirts, back packs, and much more. Overall, I am very pleased with all this office and look forward to my visits each month!

Tristen S.


Innovative is great! I'm getting invisalign in a month or two, and they took such good care of me! I can't wait to start!

Kaitlyn W.



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